Vision & Mission

To be recognized as national research group on Implications of Aerosols from Biomass Burning on Regional Climate Change


To develop and implement concepts and tools for characterization, estimation and mitigation of Aerosols (and GHG+ Air Pollutants) from Biomass Burning


The objectives of the project are to develop Thailand’s air pollutants and greenhouse gases (GHGs) emission inventory and projection for use in air quality models, in order to
  1. Assess air quality related issues at national and reginal level, in particular surface ozone and haze pollution.
  2. Evaluate the level and trend of key emission sources in the Thailand against global and regional emission datasets.
  3. To analyze Thailand energy plans (AEDP/ EEDP/ PDP) against 2 ºC scenario in term of impact on emissions of GHG and air pollutant